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Airbnb isn’t as simple as it sounds
Ask any host! So it’s a good job we’ve made all our mistakes and we’ve learnt from them. We think we can officially wear the badge ‘expert’ now!

Brighton's Airbnb experts
Since 2015, we've looked after thousands of guests in hundreds of beautiful Brighton properties. We know the area like the back of our hands and, of course, the team here are all locals! So, if you need advice on a specific Brighton property, we got it! Having a meltdown on what to charge? We've got all the data & knowledge you'll need.

We got it covered!
Want advice on what to do with your property - sleeping arrangements, decor? No problem! Confused about linen? We were too, but now we’ve got it down to a fine art. We’re a dab hand at cleaning and property maintenance – we’re crazy in love with all that!

We work 7 days a week
We respond to guests and enquiries all day, every day. Our gorgeous team of Airhosts respond to guests, answer their questions and help them out to ensure they have the very best of stays. And if the heating breaks or the loo won’t flush, we can get it fixed.

We earn you more £££
With our rather sophisticated pricing and occupancy optimisation tool the price is always right; we manage your per night rate on a daily basis so we earn you more AND we'll also get you more bookings. Lots more. That's a double whammy.

And, of course, we only host the best guests in town
Worried about stag parties? Fine, no stags. Prefer to host families only? We get it. With our screening and filtering process, we'll get you the best guests in town. (And the best reviews, of course!).  And, you'll always know whose staying.

Bookings Plus

Never miss a booking again! We fully manage your Airbnb account and secure quality guest bookings for you 7 days a week.

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Host Plus

Want hands off, hassle free, Airbnb booking and hosting? We manage your bookings, look after your guests and clean your property.

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Guest Plus

Our on-the-ground management service - keeping your property pristine and your guests looked after from the moment they arrive.

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What clients say

  • "If I go away for a weekend or a holiday, I use Airhost For You to completely manage my Airbnb. They take bookings and meet the guests when they arrive as well as clean and prepare my house after a stay. They really do everything, it's hands off hosting at its best!"
    Graham Thurley, Poet's Corner, Hove Resident
  • "I discovered Airhost for You earlier this year when I was wondering what to do with my Brighton flat while I was away on an increasing number of trips abroad. Kelly and her team have been nothing less than fantastic, dealing with all the numerous tasks involved in letting your place on Airbnb in a very professional and sympathetic manner; I couldn't recommend them enough!"
    Gordon Coxon, Hove Resident
  • "Airhost For You is such a great idea - it provides the support I need to Airbnb my property without even having to be there! And I still get to earn money. My guests are happy and the place is cared for. A great service all round."
    Claire Sumners, Kemptown, Brighton Resident