Capital Allowances: are you sitting on a substantial untapped tax windfall?


  • Are you a landlord or property owner?
  • Are you considering moving from long term AST rentals to short term lets?
  • Could your property qualify as a Furnished Holiday Let?


If so, get in touch to find out more about Capital Allowances.

What is it?

The lucrative short let market allows property owners to generate significant income. In addition, a short let that qualifies as a Furnished Holiday Let offers considerable tax advantages; one of the main - and little known - tax advantages is the ability to claim Capital Allowances.

How does it affect me?

A correctly supported Capital Allowance claim can mean that a Furnished Holiday Let will pay NO tax on its rental profits for many years. In fact the average capital allowances claim on a Furnished Holiday Let makes rental profits tax free for the first five years.

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