Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start using your services?
Drop us an email at and we’ll get with you in a jiffy!

How much can I earn?
That completely depends on the place you want to let and a number of different variables. We are experts in Airbnb across Brighton & Hove so if you want to get a good idea of earnings potential, book a Discovery Consultation with us to find out. Meantime, here are some actual client examples:

Full time Airbnb - 2 bedroom flat in Kemptown
Average income / month - £3,367

Full Time - small 2 bedroom house in Brighton
Average income / month - £2800

Occasional Airbnb (March-June) - 1 bedroom flat in Seven Dials, Brighton
Average income / month - £2,053

Weekends only - 5 bedroom flat in Hanover, Brighton
Average income / weekend - £1,500

I have a property overseas. Can Airhost For You help me?
Yes, we can manage your bookings and co-ordinate services such as cleaning anywhere in the world.

Does Airhost For You increase my Airbnb SEO?
Yes. We respond to guests 7 days a week, and to booking requests within an hour. This means you'll never miss a booking. It also increases visibility on Airbnb’s website.

Can I use your services as a one off?
No, sorry. We are a full service management company only and we have a minimum requirement of at least one to two months per property. Please ask us for clarification on your property and your circumstances.

Can I use Airhost For You if I rent, and not own, my property?
For ownership specifications, Airhost operates within Airbnb terms and conditions: Airbnb invites anyone and everyone to list all types of properties. This applies to renters too but it may be a good idea to review your contract or double check with your landlord that it’s okay to accept Airbnb guests.

How much do you charge?
We simply charge a percentage on successful bookings which starts at just 10%.

Are you an official Airbnb partner?
No. Airbnb are aware of Airhost For You and are publicly supportive of services like ours. And, using Airhost For You is completely within Airbnb's Terms of Service.


Do I need to empty my flat of all my belongings?
No. The nature of Airbnb is that guests like to stay in people’s homes so they expect (and love!) the fact that the properties are full of personality. If you'd like advise on preparing your property, contact us at

What do I do with my valuables?
If you have valuable items or things you have a sentimental attachment to, you may choose to remove them from the flat when guests are there. 


What kind of guests will I have?
We only take guests who are fully government id. verified by Airbnb. We ascertain who is staying and the purpose of the visit. You can specify your own guest requirements and we can screen guests accordingly, as long as this is within Airbnb guidelines.

What happens if guests have questions during their stay?
As part of our full management service all guest communication is channelled to us so you needn't do anything. We are on hand 7 days a week to help your guests.


Do you clean the property?
Locally, yes. We provide a professional cleaning service for properties within our catchment area. For properties further afield, we can co-ordinate with your local, on-the-ground cleaning service.

Can you do the laundry?
No. Your own linen and towels will get worn and marked; put your own lovely linen and towels away for yourselves! We provide a hotel linen hire service with satin stripe duvet covers and white cotton bed linen that's all matching and ironed plus huge, soft bath sheets and hand towels!


What do Airhost do with my keys?
We store all our keys in a secure space. We never put your address or other sensitive information on the key rings.

What if something goes wrong?
Airbnb enables hosts to specify a deposit. If anything minor goes wrong, we can claim via Airbnb on the guest deposit. In addition, hosts and properties are also covered by the Airbnb Host Guarantee for up to £600,000. Both Airbnb and Airhost For You advise hosts to get their own appropriate insurance.

Will Airhost manage the claim process for me?
Yes. We are happy to submit the necessary forms and file the resolution claims for you.


Do you use
Yes. We list appropriate properties on Airbnb, and we take bookings directly via our own website.

How secure are other platforms?
Very secure. All guest bookings we secure are accompanied with guest identification (just like a hotel) and a damage deposit. In this respect, these bookings therefore have the same level of security as Airbnb bookings.