Top Tips for a Standout Airbnb Listing

If you want the Airbnb site to work for you then you have to give them something to work with.

That includes descriptive content, captions, great photographs, an up to date calendar and a personal profile. It all counts; there really are no short cuts here. Don’t forget Airbnb measure everything you do, so be active and update your listing regularly – every day if possible to stay on their radar.

The Heading

Let’s start with the heading. You get a short sentence worth of text so make it count. No need to put your location in the title, guests will have already found you by searching by location.

Identify three key features and squeeze them into your title sentence. Identify the features most important and attractive to your target audience. E.g. Spacious seaside garden flat with parking

Test it and test it again.


Have professional photographs taken. A professional photographer will enhance your efforts in setting up the property and make sure your place is showcased at its absolute best. Ensure your place is clean and shiny and presented to its very best. Think about every detail – fold or roll the towels, make up the dining table, put out a vase with fresh flowers. Once uploaded, remember to caption your photographs in a descriptive way, this will help the guests to envisage themselves comfortably at home on your sofa!


Be transparent and accurate. There is absolutely no point in over-selling on Airbnb. Be clear, open and honest. Write the description of your place as if you’re welcoming a guest around for the first time. Add any quirks and helpful hints in the ‘Things to Note’ box. Update the Neighbourhood and Getting Around sections so guests get a hint of the local vibe.

Calendar & Pricing

Be sure that your calendar is always up to date as you really do not want to cancel any confirmed bookings. Whilst you’re there inspect your pricing. Pricing is absolutely critical and needs to be updated regularly. Understand the seasonality of your location, consider any events and price accordingly. Don’t be shy to up your prices in line with demand. Add a cleaning fee, a deposit and even a per person/per night extra fee for that fold out single bed.

Minimum Nights

As your calendar availability may change, and your pricing will fluctuate, so too should your minimum nights. Varying this from a one night minimum to a 7-10 day minimum will help you to maximise your occupancy.

Guest Expectations

To manage guest expectations, add in a check in and check out time and helpful check in instructions. Think about the house rules that will work for you and your guests. Write them up politely and add them to your listing.

Personal Profile

Upload a personal profile picture – not a logo, not an animation or graphic, just a picture of you - and take a moment to write something about yourself; a few sentences will do the job.

Only then will you be ready to go Live! Once you do, you need to respond at the speed of light! Remember, Airbnb logs everything you do and your response rate is critical to keep you ranked highly in search.