Client Testimonials


"I have been working with Kelly and her team for about 3 months and they have been fantastic. I haven't had to think about anything, they have organised everything and nothing has been too big an ask. It has really taken the headache out of renting a property on Airbnb and I can't recommend them highly enough."

Coco Fennell - Residing in London, Brighton Airbnb Host

"Being away with work, Airhost For You has proved to be the best solution for me as I wanted to Airbnb my flat in Brighton. They take bookings 24/7, communicate with the guests, welcome them and even look after the flat after they have left. They are also very good in communicating frequently and efficiently with the host and deal with any issues that may come up during the guests' stay. I recommend their services 100%!"

Evdokia Pappa - Residing in Greece, Brighton Airbnb Host

"Kelly and the Airhost team have brought my idea of an alternative style of rental to life for my property company Landmark Locations Ltd. They have exceeded my expectations and have proved to me that short terms lettings can be potentially more successful than long term rental. They have been reliable, understanding and efficient in managing my property. The standards have been kept high and this has been reflected in my reviews, with every guest happy and positive about their stay. I have been kept informed and updated about any issues or recommendations to improve the experience and I am grateful for the service and support."

Theo Franklinos - Property Developer, Director of Landmark Locations Ltd & Brighton Resident

"Kelly and all at Airhost For You have continually exceeded my expectations over the last year or so. The level of responsiveness during and around the time of hosting is especially impressive. The ratings I've received from guests have been consistently spot on. Kelly is really nice to work with too, giving a good 'personal touch' to the service. I would recommend Airhost For You to anyone looking for help with their Airbnb hosting."

Oliver Buxton-Dunn - Cambridge Resident, Hove Airbnb Host

"I discovered Airhost for You early in 2016 when I was wondering what to do with my Brighton flat while I was away on an increasing number of trips abroad. Kelly and her team have been nothing less than fantastic, dealing with all the numerous tasks involved in letting your place on Airbnb in a very professional and sympathetic manner; I couldn't recommend them enough!"

Gordon Coxon - Brighton Resident

"Kelly and her team at ‘Airhost for you’ have been a fantastic help to me over the past three months. I have been travelling a lot so have handed over my property in Brighton for them to manage for me. Nothing has been too much trouble indeed they provide a personal touch for my guests which I was often unable to do myself. My rating on Airbnb has improved since Kelly took over and I have not had a single negative comment, indeed guests have praised Kelly’s team on their professionalism when they meet them for the meet and greet service provided. They are also very flexible and can step in at very short notice. Last month as an example I had a booking on Saturday evening for an arrival the next day. Kelly’s team handled it seamlessly even though it was a quick turnaround on Sunday as I had guests leaving and guests arriving on the same day. If it hadn’t been for Kelly I would not been able to accept the booking. I highly recommend her, please do give Airhost for you a try you won’t regret it."

Graham Taylor-Burge - London Resident, Kemptown Airbnb Host

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''Airhost For You managed our Airbnb bookings brilliantly when we were on the other side of the planet and in some really remote and phone/internet inaccessible locations. They dealt with a couple of crises (blocked sink and oven packing up) swiftly and efficiently, using very reasonably priced contractors. Kelly works above and beyond her offered services. We have total confidence in her and her team.''

Fiona Roberts & Simon Hinks - Brighton Residents

"I'm very grateful for the service that Airhost For You offers. I wanted to rent my flat out then I heard of their Airbnb services through a friend's recommendation.  After speaking with Kelly I was convinced my flat was in safe hands - with no hesitation whatsoever. Now after several months and numerous guests, I'm totally happy with the service from Airhost For You and will continue using them way into the future. Thanks Kelly and the team."

Martin Tilbury - Brighton Resident

"I am a busy business owner and was struggling to handle the bookings for my flat, then I discovered Kelly and her Airhost team. Kelly has been brilliant from managing bookings to getting the laundry done and cleaning the flat. I haven't had to do anything since I enlisted the help of Airhost For You; they even sourced a heater and a throw when the weather got colder. I don't know what I would  have done without them."

Gail Bainbridge - Brighton Resident

"I have found Kelly and her team to be pro-active, professional and knowledgeable with a satisfactory amount of flexibility. This allows you as the owner to rely on them and trust that they will do what has been agreed and what is needed. They listen to my request about the calibre of visitors I want. Their knowledge equips them to recommend and improve your listing so you can maximise your visitor numbers. I am very happy with Airhost For You in Brighton."

Margaret Nwojo - Brighton Resident

"We went away for six weeks and couldn't have rented our place out without Kelly. It gave us real peace of mind to know that guests were being looked after and had someone to go to in case of any issues. And it was just great to get back to a clean house with fresh bedding. Thanks!"

Harriet Barratt-Dorling - Hanover Resident

"I live one week in France and one in England so I’ve been wanting to Airbnb my flat but I’m away so much I definitely didn’t have time to do it. I just kept putting it off – until I found Airhost! Within 1 week of meeting Kelly my flat was being let out. Within a month I’d made enough to pay my mortgage. Kelly and her team make sure my place is ready for guests and, to top it all, I always come home to a clean flat, clean sheets and clean towels. I’ve never even had to go online or do anything! I highly recommend Airhost. In particular because Kelly is trustworthy, responsive and professional. What’s more, the reviews from the guests are always fantastic."

Carmina Catena - Kemptown Resident

"Airhost took care of everything when I was away for 3 months and renting my flat out on AirBnB. They provided a fantastic and efficient service - from welcoming the guests into the flat and buying basic supplies to tidying up and washing the laundry afterwards. It was such a relief to know my flat was in good hands, and I was so impressed to come back and find the plants watered and everything as I'd left it. I definitely recommend Airhost to others!"

Gemma Houldey - Hove Resident

"Wow... Airhost For You is amazing! I usually have students so when I came across this service I thought I'd try it. It's been a revelation! I earn far more money by doing this and I don't need to do anything. I really recommend giving it a go."

Katie Kearns - Hove Resident


"Airhost For You is such a great idea - it provides the support I need to Airbnb my property without even having to be there! And I still get to earn money. My guests are happy and the place is cared for. A great service all round."

Claire Sumners - Kemptown, Brighton Resident

Event Testimonials

"Kelly shared some real in depth information about how she runs a successful serviced
accommodation business using the AirBnB platform. She went into a lot of detail
about the AirBnB community and is definitely an expert in this area."
Najinder Mahal - Airbnb host & Serviced Accommodation professional

"Having put Kelly's suggestions on how to improve my AirBnB listings into practice,
my occupancy level has risen from 70% to 83% consistently over the last month, based
solely on guest bookings made on AirBnB. Thanks Kelly."
Richard Hodgeson - Airbnb host & Serviced Accommodation professional

"Kelly gave a fantastic insight into how to get the best out of Airbnb - more importantly
howto increase earnings and have a more profitable business"
Alastair Nightingale - Airbnb host & Serviced Accommodation professional

"Kelly gave a really informative presentation on using Airbnb to get the most from your
property. She obviously knows a lot about the platform and how to get the best from it,
and gave lots of great tips. The presentation had plenty of interesting anecdotes and examples
of what can be achieved. And it was delivered with a great enthusiasm and infectious smile
from someone who loves what they are doing."
Simon Barrow – Airbnb host & Serviced Accommodation professional